Monday, 30 Nov 2020

Moussawi: Saudi Arabia controlling NNA

MP Nawwaf Moussawi on Monday considered that Lebanon's National News Agency has fallen under the control of Saudi Arabia, accusing the state-run agency of tampering with the statements made by lawmakers and parliamentary blocs.

According to Moussawi, the NNA had deleted a part of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc's statement last week, and which touched on Saudi Arabia.

"We ask Minister Melhem Riachy in his capacity as the NNA custodian: As per which law is the NNA tampering with the lawmakers' statements," Moussawi wondered.

"When somebody condemns Saudi massacres in Yemen, NNA Director (Laure Sleiman) deletes the statements attacking Saudi Arabia," he said.

"Have the NNA become a Saudi news agency," he continued.

"It seems that Saudi Arabia is controlling the NNA," he stressed.

Moussawi's remarks came during a ceremony held by Hezbollah in the southern town of Tayr Debba.

Source: National News Agency

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