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Occupation of other Nation’s Territory, False Recognition of Legitimacy of Occupation, Tributary of Terrorism -KSA Reaffirms

New York, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) reaffirmed that the occupation of the territories of other nations and the false recognition of the legitimacy of such occupation constitutes an important tributary to terrorism, a means of supporting it and making room for it, as well.

It shows that the fight against terrorism cannot be compatible with any step that can lead to the feelings of injustice and rejection of the occupation, killing innocent Muslims, in New Zealand, was one of the worst terrorist crimes to hit the conscience of the world.

This was unfolded, during a speech of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia before the UN Security Council on Thursday, under the heading "Threats to international peace and security, resulting from terrorist acts and combating financing of terrorism", delivered by the Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to the United Nations Abdullah bin Yahiya Al-Maalami.

Al-Maalami thanked the Security Council for taking the initiative to hold this meeting on the threat posed by terrorism to international peace and security, and the financing of terrorism as an artery that feeds terrorism and encourages support and protection to it.

This meeting comes under the shadow of one of the worst terrorist attacks on the conscience of the world, the murder of innocent Muslim worshipers in two mosques, in New Zealand, and despite the horrors of this ugly crime, we must stand up to New Zealand people and the government of those who appreciated the feelings of Muslims, in New Zealand, who interacted with these feelings with a mutual love that transcended the wounds and affirmed the tolerance of Islam, which was targeted to be assassinated by a criminal, who refused to be betrayed and disappointed, he added.

The Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations pointed out that New Zealand's crime had assured everyone that terrorism could be financed by large sums of money and could also be financed with a small amount of resources.

Therefore, the first stop in the fight against terrorism must be based on combating intellectual and doctrinal roots in all societies, as terror is not related to a given race, religion or nationality, and that New Zealand terrorism, like the terrorism in Hebron, which killed Muslim worshipers in the Ibrahimi sanctuary, as they are all duplicitous terrorists, coming from one source, the wellspring of hatred and denial of the other, he added.

My country has suffered and many countries and societies have suffered from terrorism, and as it have therefore sought to eradicate it through various means, including the security struggle everywhere and Saudi Arabia is participating, in the war against Al Qaeda, in Yemen, he asserted.

In Syria, Yemen and other places, the fight against terrorism inevitably necessitate drying up sources of funding, and therefore the Kingdom has declared that there is no room for tolerance of suspicious practices by some countries pretexts and false alibi to support political extremism, which is the introduction of terrorism and the entrance to it, he drew attention, noting that in this context, the Kingdom has joined to all covenants and conventions, and participated in all conferences aimed at curbing the financing of terrorism and narrowing the screws on it, through the establishment of centers for counseling and care and a center to confront intellectual war.

The Kingdom was also a pioneer in countering the new wave of terrorism in recruitment, financing and incitement of terrorists through cyberspace, he shed light.

In 2017, the Kingdom established a center for countering extremist ideology, with the United States and a number of sister countries, in the Arabian Gulf, and established the Islamic Alliance for the fight against terrorism and financing it, internationally speaking, with the United Nations Center for Counter-Terrorism, which was established with the funding and initiative of Saudi Arabia, he recalled.

He also stressed that if we are to defeat terrorism, we must all believe that any terrorist threat to any country represents a threat to all of our countries and we must go beyond the narrow view of our interests without regard to the interests and security of the other countries, he emphasized, saying that transparency and clarity in cooperation were the basis for success, in eliminating terrorism.

One of the most outstanding examples of international cooperation is the establishment by your esteemed council of sanctions committees against terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda and IS, in aware of their danger and threat to international peace and security, he explained.

Despite the fact that the threat of Al-Qaeda and IS are still present, whether it is organized or individual, but these organizations are in the shrinkage and weakness and decline, especially intellectually and militarily, pointing out that it is necessary to show that there are other organizations which are not less dangerous in threatening or danger similar to such organizations as they constitute threat to international peace and security, indicating that Hezbollah militia, whose activities have reached all continents, are working closely under the protection and support of Iran.My country calls on the Security Council to begin discussing the classification of the Iranian-backed Houthi militias and the Hezbollah militias as terrorist organizations and the establishment of a sanctions committee to do so, he said.

He pointed out that the Kingdom's policy in the fight against terrorism and its financing is based on intensifying international cooperation.

One of the most important challenges faced by the security services is the possibility of the infiltration of groups or members of foreign fighters into their countries without prior knowledge of their backgrounds, he stressed, concluding by refereeing to the data of those who joined the fighting with the terrorist organizations abroad, where the Kingdom participated with sharing those data with the relevant authorities.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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