Middle East Airlines launches direct line to Madrid

Riachi, Jarrah, Fenianos stress importance of this step for Lebanese emigrants

NNA – A Middle East Airlines flight to Madrid took off this morning from Rafik Hariri International Airport, launching a direct line with the Spanish capital.

On board Flight #241 were Caretaker Ministers Nuhad al-Mashnouq, Jamal al-Jarrah, Youssef Fenianos and Melhem Riachi, as well as Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Ministry Director-General Hani Shmeitili, Tourism Ministry Director-General Nada al-Sardouk and Economy Ministry Director-General Alya Abbas, alongside several other prominent officials.

Praising this move by the Middle East Airlines Company, Riachi considered that “Lebanon and Spain share a historic-cultural relationship, a relationship between Andalusia and the Phoenicians that is deep in history,” adding, “We are very late to do this step.”

Riachi commended the Middle East Airlines Company and its Chairman Mohamed al-Hout “who made this very bold move and a new prelude to connect with the Spanish world, one that begins in Spain and ends not in Portugal and Argentina but far-reaches all Latin American Spanish-speaking countries.”

“This step is an important cultural beginning that provides Lebanon with a huge trade and economic speedy connection, and most importantly, the speed of cultural communication and the strengthening of relations between the Lebanese and Spanish people in a manner consistent with their interests and future,” he asserted.

Riachi also considered that “the launching of the direct line between Beirut and Madrid is a very important step for Lebanese expatriates, making it easy for them to come to Lebanon.”

Referring to the new government formation, Riachi said, “It is underway…After the holidays the wheels will move quickly.”

In turn, Minister Jarrah welcomed the Middle East Airlines step, saying, “There is no doubt that MEA is constantly evolving to connect Lebanon to all parts of the world and make it easier for the Lebanese to come to Lebanon, especially from Latin American countries.”

“This is a step that helps the Lebanese to communicate with their country,” Jarrah added.

For his part, Minister Fenianos said, “With the launching of this line with Madrid, we can welcome visitors from all the countries of South America and distant states, including Australia.”

“We hope that this summer will be a prosperous one for Lebanon, and that relations between the Lebanese will be more and more established,” he added.

Fenianos expressed optimism regarding the upcoming tourism season, noting that “bookings have risen to approximately 80 percent.

Source: National News Agency

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