Moscow Announces: Putin’s Party Wins In Four Ukrainian Regions

The Russian Electoral Commission announced today, Monday, the victory of the pro-Kremlin “United Russia” party in local elections held in four Ukrainian regions annexed by Moscow, a ballot rejected by Kiev.

Officials from the Election Commission said that voters in Ukraine’s southern and eastern regions partially controlled by Russian forces overwhelmingly supported United Russia, with the party winning in each region with more than 70% of the vote.

Earlier, Russia’s Central Electoral Commission announced that President Vladimir Putin’s “United Russia” party was leading the results of the regional elections that took place in the four Ukrainian regions annexed by Moscow.

According to the preliminary results published on the committee’s website, and at a time when the vote counting process continues, voters in these Russian-controlled areas in eastern and southern Ukraine supported the “United Russia” party, while Kiev denounced these elections, describing them as “illegal.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency