Nato soldiers killed in Afghan suicide bombing

A suicide bomber has killed three Nato foreign soldiers in an attack in eastern Afghanistan.

The victims, whose nationalities have not been disclosed, were on a routine foot patrol alongside Afghan forces, Nato officials said in a statement.

A US soldier and two Afghan soldiers were wounded in the attack in Charikar, the capital of Parwan province, at 6:00 local time (01:30 GMT).

Taliban militants have claimed they carried out the bombing.

US Army General John Nicolson said: "Their sacrifice will endure in both our hearts and history and further strengthen our resolve."

Last month, a US soldier was killed and two others wounded in an "apparent insider attack" in southern Afghanistan, Nato officials said.

Afghanistan is going through one of its bloodiest periods since the 2014, and last month's attack was said to be the first such killing of its kind in almost a year.

The US-led Nato force, which comprises of soldiers from 41 countries, pulled out most of its troops after it ended its combat mission in Afghanistan in 2014.

However, 16,000 service members remain for training and counter-terrorism operations.

Source: National News Agency

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