Okais: If we agree to 4 ministries to facilitate cabinet formation, we demand Deputy PM Seat or main, sovereign ministerial portfolio

Member of the "Strong Republic" Parliamentary Bloc, MP George Okais, said in an interview with "Radio Free Lebanon" this morning that if his Party agrees to be represented by only four ministers in the new cabinet to facilitate the government's formation, then it demands a principle, sovereign ministerial portfolio or the "Deputy Prime Minister" cabinet seat.

"The Lebanese Forces will not accept less than its right and does not wait for any signals from abroad. The Maarab Agreement and the outcome of the recent elections have given it [the LF Party] a percentage in government representation. If this ratio is taken into account, we are ready for ministerial action and to meet the challenges that lie ahead," Okais underscored.

Over the events in Syria, Okais hoped that the Syrian war would really be approaching its end, adding, "The international decision to return the displaced Syrians has been adopted, leaving it to Russia and General Abbas Ibrahim, commissioned by the Lebanese State, to follow-up on their return dossier."

On Lebanon's stance regarding relations with the Syrian regime, Okais said, "The Lebanese position is not important, but rather the international stance towards said regime is what's significant."

Source: National News Agency

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