Tuesday, 7 Apr 2020

BCCI Chairman calls for serious participation in upcoming elections

Manama, Chairman of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sameer Abdullah Nass, said the elections represent a democratic alliance between the government and citizens to promote Bahrain's comprehensive development.

While casting his voice at Bahrain's Embassy in Kuwait, Nass said the national reforms march has stridden over the political success by following high governance and oversight of performance, which achieve competitiveness and boost Bahrain investment atmosphere.

He invited Bahrain's commercial family to enhance participation in the elections to maintain the democratic and constitutional gains, expressing confidence in the Bahraini traders to take on their national duty, as politics and economy complement each other in building a modern state.

He attached great significance to empowering Bahraini woman, which assisted her in competing as a candidate for winning a parliamentary seat, in addition to playing her role in the comprehensive development process.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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