Monday, 21 Sep 2020

Bukhari hosts ceremony in honor of Lebanese officers who completed training courses in KSA

Under the patronage of Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon, Waleed Bukhari, a ceremony took place on Thursday at the Embassy in honor of Lebanese army officers who completed training courses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The ceremony was organized by the Embassy's Military Attache Office.

Attending the ceremony had been the Representative of Army Commander, Brigadier General Ziad Heikal, on head of a delegation from the Army Command.

The ceremony also took place in the presence of the Saudi Military Attache Brigadier General Salama bin Awaid Al-Maslukhi and senior Embassy staff.

Opening the ceremony, Ambassador Bukhari welcomed the representative of the army commander and the honored officers, hoping continued communication between both sides through "Bridges" initiatives.

In his delivered word, Brigadier General Al-Maslukhi said "We are laying a new cornerstone based on a solid bridge that linked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Lebanon in the military field for decades, out of the Kingdom's belief in the Lebanese Army as the shield of the homeland striving to extend security and safety throughout Lebanon."

Al Maslukhi also expressed delight to host during today's ceremony a group of Lebanese army officers, who are still on the job and those who have retired, after completing training courses in the Kingdom aimed at strengthening the capabilities of the Lebanese Armed Forces in carrying out their national missions.

"This ceremony is further evidence of the Kingdom's support for the security and stability of Lebanon as well its sovereignty, and affirms its stand by the state and its institutions, especially the military," Al Maslukhi maintained.

Al Maslukhi added that this military cooperation between the Saudi Ministry of Defense, represented by Saudi Armed Forces, and the Lebanese Defense Ministry, represented by the Lebanese Army command, will be taking place annually, to achieve communication and consolidating bridge between the two brotherly armies.

Brigadier General Ziad Heikal, in turn, thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for sponsoring today's ceremony organized by the Embassy's Military Attache Office in Lebanon.

Heikal deemed such initiatives as indicative of the depth of cooperation between the armies of the two brotherly countries, especially with the insistence of the leaderships of the two countries to continue cooperation, with the hope to include all sectors.

At the end of ceremony, Ambassador Bukhari presented medals and shields to the honored officers.

Source: National News Agency

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