Friday, 18 Sep 2020

Lavrov holds joint conference with Bassil, says Russia to help Lebanon return displaced Syrians

Russia will work with Lebanon to help facilitate the return of the [displaced] Syrians to their country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a press conference held jointly with his Lebanese counterpart, Caretaker Minister Gebran Bassil, in Moscow on Monday.

"Russia rejects foreign intervention in Lebanon's domestic affairs," Lavrov stressed.

"Russia will help Lebanon return the Syrians to their country (...) Lebanon should not become a hostage of the Syrian refugees' issue," he underlined.

"Lebanon's stability is crucial for that of the region," he maintained, calling for dialogue to reach solutions to the internal affairs.

For his part, Bassil reiterated that Lebanon sought the speedy and safe repatriation of Syrians, rejecting to correlate their return to the political solution next door.

"We have practical ideas regarding the displaced return," he said, adding that direct channels between Lebanon and Russia will be opened to implement the Russian repatriation plan.

"Lebanon must be a platform for the reconstruction of Syria; strategic cooperation between Lebanon and Syria is thus necessary," he stressed.

Source: National News Agency

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