Saturday, 6 Jun 2020

Okeis: We hope FPM will not demand more than rightful cabinet share

Strong Lebanon" MP George Okeis on Wednesday expressed hope that members of the "Free Patriotic Movement" would not demand more than their rightful cabinet share.

"They are preventing us from attaining our rights," he added, making clear that his political Party did not wish for the FPM to be governmentally marginalized.

"What we want for ourselves, we also want for others," he told Free Lebanon radio station.

The lawmaker addressed Bassil wishing of him to ease the flow of the current tenure in a bid to enjoy a smoother presidential battle.

"The LF will most definitely nominate Dr. Samir Geagea for the Presidential battle," he added.

He went on to highlight the fact that the country's top priority was to form a government. "If the situation continues to prevent us from forming a cabinet and ending the economic deadlock, then the Caretaker government should convene to conduct some caretaker tasks that involve the people's affairs, which can't wait any longer."

As for the incineration law, he said: "During the legislative session, several voices expressed fear concerning this law. We, as a bloc, did not vote in favor of this law, but we proposed the formation of an observation body to monitor its implementation."

Source: National News Agency

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