Wednesday, 3 Jun 2020

Salim Aoun opts for escaping formation crisis under specific conditions

MP Salim Aoun said on Friday that the problem between the Free Patriotic Movement and the Progressive Socialist Party was complicated and would need a lot of time to explain. "We disagree with the bellicose discourse that's being used," he added.

"With any looming political deadline, the PSP tends to threaten the people of the mountain with reconciliation, as well as with disrupting the presidential compromise," the deputy explained in an interview with the "Voice of Lebanon 93.3" radio station.

The lawmaker supported attempts at dodging the current crisis, but under certain conditions and without abusing the cabinet formation criteria by monopolizing Druze representation in one party.

"The security stability, as well as the financial one are solid. Despite the economic crisis, the will to successfully evade it is strong," MP Aoun indicated.

Source: National News Agency

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