Friday, 25 Sep 2020

Two suspects committed suicide in Basra after their arrest with 420 forged seals

BASRA, Two suspects committed suicide after being arrested with 420 forged seals for all Ministries and Departments in Basra.

A security source told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that two suspects were arrested two days ago by the security services in al-Jubaila area in central Basra, committed suicide by a sharp tool to cut off the veins. One of them died while being transferred to al-Zubair General Hospital. The other was transferred to Sadr's educational hospital for treatment and his condition is now critical.

The source said that "the seals that were seized in their possession belong to various Departments and Ministries in the state, including Departments and Ministries of the Kurdistan region.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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