Raad for resuming warm relations with Syria to solve many problems, opening doors for Lebanese contribution to Syrian reconstruction

Loyalty to Resistance" Parliamentary Bloc Head, MP Mohammad Raad, called Saturday for establishing the return of warm relations with Syria as a prelude to solving many problems in the country, and opening doorways for Lebanese contributions to post-war reconstruction in Syria.

Speaking at a ceremony organized by Al-Mahdi Secondary School in Nabatieh to honor its graduating students, Raad deemed that the Syrian army's achievements against the Takfiri groups, especially after liberating its southern lands of terrorists, reflect positively on Lebanon in terms of allowing the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland and securing the transport of Lebanese goods to the Arab region through the Syria-Jordan Gateway.

Over the new cabinet formation, Raad said, "In Lebanon, the dilemma of forming a government has one clear reason which needs not be puzzling, namely that as long as the PM-designate does not adopt clear criteria for forming the government, proposing discretionary formations, this will have repercussions on different parties and political forces in Lebanon."

"We are calling for a national solidarity government in which the various Lebanese parties are represented in accordance with their respective sizes, and in line with the recent parliamentary elections results," Raad emphasized.

Source: National News Agency

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