Rahi: Clinging to quotas, restricting them to certain blocs does not justify cabinet delay at expense of public good

Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Butros al-Rahi criticized Sunday the continuous delay in the cabinet formation, deeming that “clinging to quotas and restricting them to certain blocs while excluding other parties does not justify this delay at the expense of public good.”

“Everyone at home and abroad is waiting for the decision to form the government, because each day of delay has significant repercussions and serious losses in all economic sectors, in the work of State institutions and departments, and in the public’s confidence in officials,” warned al-Rahi.

He added that nothing justifies the cabinet delay at the expense of citizens’ lively interests, noting that this contradicts with the general constitutional standards and with the Lebanese Constitution’s spirit and content.

Additionally, the Patriarch warned that such delay would lead to the loss of the international community’s attention and interest in assisting Lebanon, namely in its financial aids decided upon during the “CEDRE Conference” last April.

The Patriarch’s words came in his homily during Sunday Mass organized by the Lebanese Maronite Order at its Monastery in Byblos this morning, marking the Day of Saint Charbel.

Source: National News Agency

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