Rahi: Exchange of abusive language does not bode well

Maronite Patriarch Bechara Butros el-Rahi deemed Saturday that the exchange of accusations and abusive words between various political counterparts does not signal good fortune for the country, but rather causes further disappointments especially concerning the long-awaited reforms.

"Now that a new parliament has been elected, and all are awaiting the formation of a new government to be at the level of challenges; foremost of which is economic advancement, eliminating corruption of all kinds, reforms in various structures and sectors, securing jobs, modernizing laws and stimulating growth in all aspects...we are suddenly faced with some political officials' exchange of severe abuses that do not bode well," the Patriarch said.

"The first improvement step lies in political performance that forms the basis of every reform," added al-Rahi.

He stressed that reform starts with oneself, and only then would State institutions be in good shape and ultimately, the promised government would be formed.

"In any case, our only hope remains in the care of the Lord Almighty," the Patriarch concluded.

Rahi's words came as he presided over Mass service this morning at "Our Lady's Church" in Bkirki, at the conclusion of the Maronite Church's Synod works with the participation of various bishops from Lebanon and the Diaspora.

Source: National News Agency

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