Rahi inaugurates new departments at Our Lady of Zgharta Hospital: to speed up formation of government, quick off reforms

Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Rahi inaugurated the new departments at the Our Lady of Zgharta Hospital, in the presence of high ranking dignitaries and a crowd of invitees.

The Patriarch thanked, in his speech, everyone who donated for the equipment of the hospital, as well as the hospital administration, nursing staff and medical crew.

Rahi also praised the martyrs of the Army who fell in the defense of the homeland, as well as the martyrs who died in the 1975 war in defense of Zgharta.

“The establishment of this hospital by the Church is the culmination of its Christian health mission,” he said, addressing an appeal to the Ministries of Health and Finance to pay the obligations to hospitals.

The Patriarch hoped for “the salvation of the homeland and the formation of a government as soon as possible, to be able to kick off the reforms process and thus obtain financial aid, in the form of loans and grants, because any delay therein would have serious repercussions on the homeland.”

“No one has the right to manipulate the rights of our people, no matter the challenges,” Rahi maintained, calling for “building internal unity and avoiding bilateralism and exclusion because Lebanon is multi-sectarian.

Source: National News Agency

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