Rahi meets Pope of Alexandria

Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Beshara Boutros Rahi met Saturday with Pope of Alexandria Tawadros II, accompanied by Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon Nazih Najjari, with talks centering on the conditions of Christians in the East and relations between the two Churches.

On emerging, Pope Tawadros said, "We touched on some issues of concern to the Church in Lebanon and Egypt, and ways to encourage our anguished brethrens who have suffered from terrorist operations and to promote joint spiritual action."

He added, "We also discussed ways of supporting Lebanon's permanent stability, a country that enjoys cultural and spiritual diversity that reflect its civilized image. In Egypt, we are very interested in the stability of Lebanon and consider it a blessed country of worship. We pray that Lebanon remains in a state of lasting peace, tranquility and goodness, and I believe that all political and religious leaders are working for this peace."

In turn, Rahi disclosed that talks focused mainly on the issue of Christian presence, saying, "It is important that we remain in our countries and contribute with all citizens to the building of our lands."

"We are concerned with maintaining our existence and our relations with all citizens without exception, and this is a fundamental matter we have always deliberated upon with His Holiness," Rahi underscored.

Source: National News Agency

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