Relex Lead Performer of Top 900 Cryptocurrencies

PHILADELPHIA, July 24, 2018/PRNewswire/ —

Relex, the Real Estate Development token (RLX), has emerged as the top performer on a Year-to-date basis among the 900 crypto cryptocurrencies with valuations over $200k USD, as listed by CoinMarketCap ( ).

The research revealed that Relex widely outperformed the industry, with over $290 billion dollars in capital as of July 24th (over 99% of the entire cryptocurrency market) having received a lesser return than that of Relex holders on a YTD basis. Since January 2018, Relex has delivered a YTD 12,200% return to investors. In the absence of industry standard data, the research was conducted by an in-house team. Relex attributed the increase in value of the token in part from the company’s participation in the April 2018 Yalta International Economic Forum. Relex was one of only two crypto companies invited to speak by the organizers. Several other initiatives have followed, and Relex has sustained market appreciation since then.

The strong management team of Relex includes two anti-fraud specialists and an IRS enrolled agent as CFO, as well as emerging market experts with due diligence experience.

Relex also announced today the establishment of an infrastructure starter initiative aimed at municipal authorities across global markets. The initiative will be funded by approximately 20% of Relex reserves (RLX), effective today. The Relex management team has pledged their commitment to support, maintain, and grow the present market valuation, which stands at US$ 9 million on a total supply basis. This initiative will go active on September 1st 2018, and in a linked move Relex is currently seeking a performance bond provider.

In the initial stages, Relex has emerged as a niche coin respected within the crypto community, and it is now preparing to embrace the wider commercial arena of real estate investors and potential investors by applying blockchain technology. This facilitates speedy cross-border transactions with checks and balances.

US Contact: Jason Toncic,

Eurasia Contact: Artem Dorokhov,, Phone:(856)-673-4035

Source: Relex

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