Friday, 27 Jan 2023

Riachy from Mieh w Mieh: Weapons ought to be exclusively placed in Lebanese Army’s hands

"All those on Lebanese soil must be under the ceiling of the law, and weapons must be exclusively in the hands of the Lebanese army," said caretaker Minister of Information, Melhem Riachy, during his visit to the town of Mieh w Mieh, east of Sidon, accompanied by a delegation of the Lebanese Forces, to express solidarity with the sons of the town amid the recurring Mieh w Mieh camp clashes and the resulting attacks and missiles and bullets shooting that cause damage to citizens' properties.

During their tour of the town, Riachy and the accompanying delegation were briefed on the measures taken by the Army to preserve the security of the region and prevent the recurrence of what happened.

"The least we can do is demand security and safety for the town of Mieh w Mieh. The situation in the town changed back in 1985 as wars broke out and wreaked devastation during the sorrowful period that prevailed over Lebanon. Today, however, it is unacceptable that the people of Mieh w Mieh be forced to leave their homes. It is unacceptable not to have a justice minister soon; one who is capable of ordering the evacuation of houses that are owned by the region's families. It is unacceptable that the camp, which is inhabited by our Palestinian brothers who are displaced from their country (...), be pointing weapons in the wrong direction. It is unacceptable to have weapons outside the State and outside the legitimacy. The Lebanese Army, which is shouldering its responsibilities to the fullest, is the one responsible in this matter. The LAF has to develop the necessary plans to preserve the security of the people, and work to control security and maintain order in Mieh w Mieh," said Riachy.

"We do not hold anything against anyone, but we want everyone to be under the ceiling of the law. There are confiscated houses in Mieh w Mieh, and eviction orders ought to be issued so that these houses can return to their owners."

"As for Palestinian refugees, it is the UNRWA that should provide them with what they need, but that should not be at the expense of our people in Mieh w Mieh," the Minister confirmed, addressing an appeal to the President, the Prime Minister, the Commander of the Army, the present and the future Minister of Justice as well as to the Ministers of Interior and Defense to shoulder their responsibility in this regard and prevent what is happening in Mieh w Mieh.

"These small wars can, at any moment, cause great wars. So, they must be extinguished," he maintained.

Source: National News Agency

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