Sarraf, Malaysian counterpart discuss UNIFIL’s role in establishing stability: Lebanon will not relinquish any of its rights

Caretaker Minister of National Defense, Yacoub Sarraf, received his Malaysian counterpart, Mohammad Sabo, and an accompanying delegation.

After the official reception ceremony, Sabo laid a wreath on the memorial of the Army martyrs.

A meeting was then held between the two sides, with talks touching on the relations between the two countries in the defense and military fields, especially in terms of exchange of expertise and work on boosting cooperation in other areas.

Sarraf raised the issue of displaced Syrians, stressing that “the international community should help Lebanon secure a dignified return of displaced persons to the safe areas, particularly since a good number of refugees are causing a border crisis because of their recurring visits to Syria,” underscoring “the repercussions of this crisis on various aspects of the Lebanese situation, especially at the social, economic and security levels.”

Uttering his rejection of naturalization, the Minister praised the “key role played by the Malaysian contingent within the framework of the international forces operating in the south”, underlining cooperation between the UNIFIL and the Lebanese Army, “a cooperation that has achieved remarkable stability.”

“Israel violates the Lebanese sovereignty on a continuous basis, and Lebanon will not waive any of its rights or any portion of its wealth no matter how small it may be,” he stressed.

For his part, Sabo underscored “Lebanon’s role as a model of coexistence between the various sects and communities,” deeming this “a similarity between the Lebanese and the Malaysian peoples.”

Source: National News Agency

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