Saturday, 4 Feb 2023

Sarraf meets Cypriot ambassador, Balamand University president

Caretaker Defense Minister, Yaacoub Riad Sarraf, on Wednesday received at his ministerial office Cypriot Ambassador to Lebanon, Christina Rafti, with talks reportedly touching on the general situation in Lebanon and the broad region.

Discussions between the pair also covered the bilateral ties, notably in terms of future agreements and the mechanism to put the Cypriot donation announced at the Rome conference into implementation.

Ambassador Rafti informed Minister Sarraf that the already agreed upon Cypriot donation in support of the army shall be delivered at Beirut seaport upcoming Sunday.

On the other hand, Sarraf met with Balamand University President, Dr Elie Salem, who thanked him for the existing cooperation between the army and the university in the field of aviation and maritime studies.

Source: National News Agency

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