Saudi sports initiative on International Day Against Drugs

Several ministers, deputies and diplomats participated Sunday in a sports initiative under the theme, “For a Better future”, launched by Saudi Charge d’Affaires in Beirut, Walid Al-Boukhari, marking the International Day Against Drugs, in cooperation with the Harley Davidson Club.

Officials drove Harley Davidson motorcycles from King Salman Avenue in Zeituna Bay to the Shouf region, with the participation of outgoing Tourism Minister Avedis Guidanian and Ambassadors of Morocco, Mohammad Grinn, the United Arab Emirates, Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi, Algeria, Ahmed Bouziane, Yemen Abdullah Al-Deis, Australia, Glenn Miles, and Pakistan, Aktab Ahmad Koker, as well as UN Coordinator in Lebanon Philipe Lazzarini, alongside several Lebanese deputies, prominent figures and media professionals.

In a word marking the occasion, Caretaker Minister Guidanian thanked the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in the person of its Charge d’Affaires for this great initiative, which ought to be supported by the Lebanese State for a drug-free Lebanon.

He added that drugs are a deadly scourge at the ethical and moral levels, calling for strong awareness towards this phenomenon.

Guidanian recalled that Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri had asked the Lebanese authorities and administrations to raise white flags, within the framework of the campaign against drugs led by the Ministry of Public Health.

For his part, Saudi Charge d’Affaires Al-Boukhari explained that the campaign initiated by the Embassy is part of the guidelines of King Salman of Arabia in closely following-up on social affairs.

He thanked the Lebanese ministers and deputies, as well as the diplomats who took part in the sports event, noting that the Embassy’s initiative reflected the Saudi diplomatic vision that accords great importance to Man at any time and place.

Source: National News Agency

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