Shehayeb: We elected General Aoun as President, only to find ourselves under Minister Gebran’s rule!

We wanted to save the State...So, we elected General Michel Aoun as President of the Republic, yet we are now under the rule of Minister Gebran!" exclaimed Democratic Gathering Member, MP Akram Shehayeb on Friday.

"He [Gebran Bassil] builds alliances and ballot lists, makes deals and appoints ambassadors and consuls, and grants nationality....and if we criticize, things are blown out of proportion," Shehayeb added.

"Walid Jumblatt has considered the Mountain and its reconciliation as a red line and extended his hand...yet you went in the opposite direction and made a hybrid alliance...but the Mountain has said its word!" Shehayeb went on.

He concluded by asking the Lord Almighty "to save Lebanon and fortify this country against such performance and the policy of whoever is not with us is against us."

It is to note that Shehayeb's words came in response to several bombarding reactions to PSP Chief, former MP Walid Jumblatt's tweet early this morning, in which he criticized the current mandate and its approach to many dossiers, including the refugees' issue.

Source: National News Agency

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