Tuesday, 7 Feb 2023

Spanish Ambassador visits Maronite League: Madrid has interest in Lebanon’s security, stability

Spanish Ambassador to Lebanon, Jose Maria Ferre de la Pena, visited on Friday the Maronite League's headquarters and met with its President Antoine Kleimous, in presence of members of the executive board of the association.

"Madrid has great interest in Lebanon's security and stability," the Spanish diplomat said on emerging.

A statement by the Maronite League made clear that the meeting had been an opportunity to tackle the general situation in Lebanon in light of the political, economical, and social challenges.

The meeting also touched on the role of the European Union and Spain, especially concerning its support facing challenges, mainly the ones that resulted from the ramifications of the regional crises, as well as the Syrian war that caused a mass influx which has burdened Lebanon despite its limited capacities.

In turn, De la Pina highlighted the role that his country undertakes through the European Union, and hailed the historical relationship between the two countries.

The diplomat also shed light on the vital role of the Maronite sect in Middle Eastern countries.

Source: National News Agency

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