Monday, 6 Apr 2020

An Amir of Daesh killed by the security forces in Shirqat

BAGHDAD, The military intelligence detachments in the Command the Operations of Salah al-Din and in cooperation with the 91st Brigade and the 51st Brigade and in a qualitative operation clashed with a terrorist group on the island of Shirqat in Salah Al-Din province and killed one of the dangerous terrorists named Katkut.

"The Katkut was the mastermind of a number of criminal operations," said a statement by the directorate. "He was Amir al-Asnad in the Baiji refinery, Amir of the Jabal Makhul detachments, the Amir of the al-Qaqaa brigade, the military Amir in Al-Hadhar and the security Amir in the Shirqat city.

He also served as the supervisor of the tunnels , responsible for selecting weapons and ammunition sites, providing water, food, making bombs and buying vehicles for the state of Shirqat.

He is wanted to the judiciary in several charges in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of Terrorism.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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