Thursday, 2 Jul 2020

Five wanted persons, including a fugitive from Badush prison arrested in Najaf

BAGHDAD, The Najaf Police Directorate announced on Wednesday the arrest of five wanted men, including a fugitive from Padush prison in the province.

A statement issued by the Interior Ministry said that "the Department of Traffic and Foreign Roads arrested a number of wanted persons according to different legal provisions. Three wanted persons were arrested in the checkpoint of Al-Kifl junction according to Articles 406, Article 451 and Article 35, First 5 of the Penal Code."

"Two of the wanted men were arrested in accordance with Article 459 and Article 42/43/44 in the checkpoint of Umm Abbasiyat Bridge."

It added that "the wanted persons who were arrested in the checkpoint of Al-Essa, one of them was according to Article 444 and the second escaped from Badush prison."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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