Thursday, 2 Apr 2020

Hezbollah on Independence Day: A national occasion that entails the Lebanese to unite and cooperate

In an issued statement marking the 75th Lebanese Independence Day occasion, Hezbollah Political Party congratulated all the Lebanese and deemed it a "national event that requires unison, cohesion and cooperation" among citizens.

"This national occasion requires all Lebanese to unite, collaborate and cooperate to maintain this independence by adhering to the strength of Lebanon with its army, its people and its resistance, and to preserve national unity and coexistence," the statement underscored.

The Party paid tribute to all the fallen martyrs who sacrificed their lives to liberate the homeland, and who fought the colonists, occupiers and takfiris and expelled them from the country.

Hezbollah also praised the "solidity of the army, the people and the resistance" equation that brought by liberation in 2000, maintained it in 2006, and completed it by eliminating the takfiri groups in 2017."

Source: National News Agency

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