Wednesday, 8 Apr 2020

Maalouf: Aoun, Hariri not in favor of reviving caretaker government

MP Edy Maalouf said in an interview with the Voice of Lebanon - 93.3 radio station that "the ball is in the court of PM-designate Saad Hariri and we are waiting for what he can do in terms of resolving the formation crisis," adding that "in case both parties agreed on President Michel Aoun's intervention for the sake of finding a specific solution to the Sunni knot, he [Aoun] will not evade this role."

He said that "the Shiite-Sunni complication has two sides and they must determine who they want to intervene so as to contribute to resolving this complication."

Ruling out "the possibility of resorting to the reviving of the caretaker government," Maalouf said "this measure is unconstitutional and there will be no new unconstitutional bases," stressing that "Presidents Aoun and Hariri are not in favor of such a move at all."

He finally called for "a sustainable solution through the formation of the government, today before tomorrow."

Source: National News Agency

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