Thursday, 20 Feb 2020

MP Calls On Political Blocs To Make Concessions For The Sake Of Iraq

Baghdad, A member of construction bloc MP Sana al-Moussawi called on political blocs to make concessions between them for the sake of Iraq and to serve its sons.

Al-Moussawi, in a statement, stressed "the need to pay attention to the provinces that provided martyrs in order to protect the soil of Iraq, especially the central and southern provinces, and provide services and infrastructure and combat corruption, in addition to the implementing vital projects in vital sectors that directly affect citizens such as electricity and water"

She confirmed the need to respect the oath, which was echoed by all members of the House of Representatives to strengthen the confidence of the people as a legislative institution, which its task is to legislate the laws and monitor their implementation in accordance with the constitutional and legal frameworks and serve the sons of Iraq "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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