Tuesday, 26 May 2020

MP Of Sauiroon: We Will Not Succumb To Choosing A Partisan Figure To Head The Govt

BAGHDAD, The MP of the Sauiroon Alliance, Hassan al-Jhaishi confirmed that his Alliance will not succumb to the selection of a partisan figure to head the next government.

He said in a press statement that "the Sauiroon Alliance strongly refuses to accept any prime minister from within the political parties and will not allow that, stressing that the alliance is keen to choose an independent personality far from partisan and political affiliation."

He added that "the constants of Sauiroon is to go towards choosing a personal for prime minister away from political parties and enjoy the specifications of religious authority, noting that" the Iraqi street looks to choose an independent Prime Minister meets the aspirations and wishes of the Iraqi people. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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