Saturday, 6 Jun 2020

Najafi: The Great Victories Achieved Against Daesh Did Not End Its Threat In All Of Iraq

Najaf, The religious authority, Bashir Najafi stressed the importance of preserving security and safety to the pilgrims (visitors) of the Arbaeen from any danger.

Najafi, during a meeting with the police official in the old city of Najaf, presented a set of recommendations and directives to improve the relationship of the police associate with citizens and society.

He stressed, according to a statement of his media office, the importance of the intelligence information to be the axis of the success of confronting the enemy.

He said: "The great victories achieved against Daesh did not end the danger, with the presence of hypocrites who affiliated in society, trying, from time to time, to attack innocent people and destabilize security and stability throughout Iraq."

He added: "Najaf is the destination of all the peoples of the world, and light shed on it, because it is sanctified by the presence of the Commander of the Believers, and it is your responsibility to maintain its security and safety and defend its sanctities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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