The four Kurdish parties rejected the results of manual counting and sorting of the elections

BAGHDAD, The four Kurdish parties / Movement for Change, the Alliance of Democracy, the Islamic Group, the Islamic Union / rejected the results of the manual counting and sorting of votes and register a lawsuit in the Federal Supreme Court.

The four Kurdish parties held a meeting at the headquarters of the Movement for Change in Sulaymaniyah on Saturday, in the presence of the General Coordinator of Change Movement, Omar Sayyed Ali, the leader of the Kurdistani Islamic Group, Ali Babir, the Head of the Coalition for Democracy and Justice, Barham Salih, and the Secretary General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union Mohamed Bahaa El Din, where they discussed the results of the recount and manual counting of the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, which took place on the twelfth of last May, and the parliamentary elections of Kurdistan scheduled to be held on the thirtieth of next September.

The four parties decided, in a joint statement, to reject the results of the counting and sorting of votes, and to take legal and political means to restore confidence in the political process and to maintain the votes of voters, and called for the holding of fair elections in the Kurdistan region by cleaning the voters register and reform in the laws of the High Commission.

The Electoral Commission of the assigned judges, announced last Thursday the final results of manual counting and sorting in all governorates of Iraq and overseas stations in Iran, Turkey and Jordan, and the new results showed in line with the results announced last May in 13 provinces, while there was a slight change in the results for the names of candidates in Baghdad Anbar, Salahuddin, Nineveh and Thi-Qar, and there were no significant changes in the number of seats of the winning entities, only the seat that increased to the Fatah alliance to become the number of seats 48 after the loss of a candidate for the Baghdad Alliance to its seat.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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