Saturday, 4 Feb 2023

The Yemeni army achieves progress in Saada

Aden, The Yemeni national army has made new field progress in eastern Saada province and has been able to impose control over mountain ranges in Kataf district.

A Yemeni military source said that units of the army of 84th brigade recaptured the mountain ranges of the Al-Zour and Khashbaa and cut off supply lines of coup militias in Al-Atefin and Melil, east of Saada.

It said in a statement carried by the website of the Yemeni Ministry of Defense that 10 members of Houthi coup militias were killed and others were wounded in the fighting, while others left the bodies of their dead and various weapons.

In the same context, Arab coalition fighters launched more than eight raids on militia positions and reinforcements while they were on their way from Saada.

The raids resulted in the killing of a leader of the coup militias and a number of its members while they were preparing to retrieve the bodies of their dead.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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