Turkish Interior Ministry announces the neutralization of four elements of the PKK in security operations in southeastern Turkey

BAGHDAD, Turkish security forces announced the neutralization of four members of the PKK organization, in Hakkari state, southeast Turkey.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of the Interior of Turkey, on Sunday, according to the Turkish Agency, "Anatolia", said that the security forces carried out operations against the elements of "PKK" in the district of Gokurga, in the mentioned state.

The statement added that the operations resulted in the neutralization of / 4 / elements of" PKK ".

According to "Anatolia" said that the security forces and the Turkish army has been targeting the positions of "PKK" and the prosecution of its elements inside the country and in northern Iraq in response to attacks carried out by the organization inside Turkey from time to time, targeting civilians and elements of security and the army.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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