Saturday, 4 Feb 2023

UAE Embassy: The socalled ‘Emirates Leaks’ are groundless, with no connection whatsoever to diplomatic correspondences

In an issued statement Sunday by the Media Office of the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Beirut, it categorically denied what was published in yesterday's issue of "Al-Akhbar Newspaper" concerning an "Emirates Leaks" dossier, headlined as "Ibn Zayed wants to subjugate Muscat," which included reports attributed by the Newspaper to diplomatic documents and correspondences leaked from the UAE Embassy in Muscat, while referring to other leaked documents from UAE's Embassies in Khartoum, Baghdad and Rabat to be published later on.

In this context, the Embassy's Media Office clarified that "the reports published in the aforementioned newspaper are entirely false and have nothing to do with any UAE diplomatic correspondences. They are fabricated by the writer's imagination and lack the credibility and professionalism required by the media."

The statement added that "the so-called 'Emirates Leaks' dossier comes as an extension of what the newspaper had started earlier with fabricated news attributed to UAE's Embassies in Beirut and Washington, in an attempt to further distort UAE's image and relations with the Arab countries."

"It is also clear that the Qatari money goes through these fabricated reports and exploits the Lebanese media arena in targeting the UAE," the statement went on.

"The Embassy reaffirms that Qatar's efforts, through news and others, to expose the UAE through false reports are only a cover for the main issue in the Qatari crisis: Doha's support for extremism and terrorism and its record of interfering in the affairs of Arab countries to undermine their security and stability," the statement underlined.

The UAE Embassy in Beirut concluded its statement by calling on Lebanese officials who harbor concern for maintaining the best relations with the Gulf States "to take the deterrent steps to prevent Lebanon from becoming a media arena that promotes false news, and to prevent any reoccurrence of such abusive articles that lack credibility and professionalism, turning some Lebanese media sources into tools that serve suspicious Qatari objectives."

Source: National News Agency

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