Wakim says LF still holds onto sovereign ministerial portfolio

Strong Republic” Parliamentary member, MP Imad Wakim, reiterated that the Lebanese Forces is still holding onto a sovereign ministerial portfolio, noting that LF party will be represented within the government as it should be.

“Lebanese Forces Leader, Samir Geagea, expressed his willingness to cooperate to facilitate the formation of the government, if the Lebanese forces are well-represented in sovereign and service ministerial portfolios, not a minister of state,” MP Wakim said in an interview with “Radio Free Lebanon” this morning.

“The presence of the Lebanese Forces in the upcoming government is a balancing factor on the level of fighting corruption and the level of political balance within the government,” he added.

Finally, the MP accused caretaker Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, of trying to embarrass the LF to refuse to participate in the government.

Source: National News Agency

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