Yemeni President Instructs to Form Joint Logistics’ Cabinet, Co-supervised by Interior Minister, Coalition Forces’ Commanders, in Aden

Aden, President of the Republic of Yemen Abdu Rabbo Mansour Hadi issued an instruction here today to form a joint operations room, supervised by the Minister of Interior, in the legitimate government and the command of the Arab coalition forces, in Aden, linked to various directorates and regions of the interim capital Aden and neighboring provinces, with various security services in the provinces of Aden, Lahj and Abyan, in collaboration with all branches of security and preventive.

This came during a meeting of the Yemeni security and military commanders, in which President Hadi stressed that these steps fall within the framework of cooperation, coordination and understandings with Saudi Arabia and the Emirates partners of identity and common destiny.

President Hadi revealed that there are many forces in Aden and the neighboring provinces with links to the objectives of the coup project, extremism, terrorism and disturbing the stability of security, in Aden and neighboring provinces.

The Yemeni president underscored the need to put an end to the security chaos, define responsibilities and tasks and the consequent accountability of the defaulters and faults wherever they might arise or exist.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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