ZTE makes its mark at MWC 2021

SHENZHEN, China, June 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today announced that with the theme of “Empowering Digital Transformation”, it has showcased its latest ICT solutions and successful practices in three exhibition sections of “Efficient Digital Connecting”, “Diversified Digital Industry” and “Enriched Digital Lifestyle” at Mobile World Congress 2021 from June 28 to July 1.

Also, the company has hosted a virtual showcase with a special MWC website going live during the same period, ensuring to deliver a wonderful MWC for all the on-site and online visitors worldwide.

Building a green, secure and intelligent digital network

Committed to building a green, secure and intelligent digital network, ZTE has displayed brand-new solutions of 5G SA and all optical networks at the MWC 2021.

For wireless network, ZTE helps the operators implement efficient network modernization and 5G evolution through simplified sites, the industry’s unique SuperDSS tri-mode dynamic spectrum sharing, as well as the new generation FDD Massive MIMO products released at the event. Meanwhile, with the three advantages, specifically, end-to-end large-scale delivery experience, series of innovative solutions and the capabilities of empowering the industry, ZTE can deliver superior 5G SA networks for the operators.

For the wireline network, ZTE has provided excellent broadband experiences through all optical networks. At the optical access side, ZTE has served 1/4 of the FTTx subscribers worldwide with its cutting-edge products and solutions to facilitate the global optical transformation.

In terms of optical transport network, continuous evolution goes through technical innovations in three directions: bandwidth upgrade, topology reconstruction and service transformation. For instance, the industry-first single-wavelength 1.2T product achieves the maximum transmission performance.

Also, ZTE has provided end-to-end green network solutions to help operators achieve energy saving and carbon emission reduction, saving more than 1.3 billion kWh of power consumption each year for its global customers. In addition, the latest AIVO 3.0 intelligent operation platform combines big data and AI technology to implement intelligent network operation, reducing costs and improving efficiency greatly. In terms of cyber security, ZTE has established three security open labs around the world, and passed top security certifications in the industry to ensure the security and credibility of each network.

Empowering digital transformation with ICT convergence

During the MWC, ZTE has unveiled a full range of cloud infrastructure, customized 5G private network solutions, and Messaging in 5G era, which can assist operators in empowering the industry and achieve the transformation from communications service providers to digital service providers.

In terms of the cloud infrastructure, ZTE has integrated the distributed edge cloud with network provided by IT and CT technologies, and has been working with operators to boost the industry’s digital transformation through flexible module components.

As to corporate private network, ZTE has the most comprehensive product series, precise customization of SLA, and one-stop delivery, which further facilitates the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry and provides a new business model for operators to explore the ToB market.

Meanwhile, ZTE, employing the new Messaging platform in 5G era, helps operators improve their business conversion rate and service efficiency for vertical industries. Through diversified B2B charging, operators can control mobile-traffic access points again and increase revenue from ToB market.

In terms of digital transformation practices, ZTE has created a digital cube model.

In Shenhuo, ZTE has employed the “5G+ intelligent manufacturing” technology to help the digital upgrading of traditional chemical enterprises. In Binjiang, Nanjing, ZTE has created a benchmark for 5G intelligent manufacturing, realizing 5G and automation in the entire production process, and in Thailand, the Binjiang model has been quickly replicated. ZTE, together with AIS and Suranaree University of Technology, has helped Thailand’s manufacturing industry move towards digital, smart, green and low-carbon development. At the port of Antwerp, Belgium, ZTE’s 5G network E2E slicing simultaneously has empowered the company’s personalized network needs in five different vertical dimensions. In Colombia, ZTE has provided E2E 5G telemedicine solutions, helping local hospitals reduce doctor-patient contact time during the pandemic. This can decrease the risk of cross-infection, and narrow diagnosis time by 35%.

To date, ZTE has teamed up with more than 90 operators and over 500 partners around the world to carry out extensive 5G application exploration in more than 15 industry fields, collecting a large number of industry innovative application cases.

Bringing a colorful digital life

In the digital era, technologies have enriched our life greatly. During the MWC, ZTE’s new-generation flagship smartphones, smart peripheral products, and family-oriented gigabit broadband, new video platforms and ecology will make digital lives of individuals and families more colorful.

ZTE creates a new home broadband network experience, with Wi-Fi 6 achieving a rise from 100M to gigabit. A Mesh network, consisting of “1+N” APs, can expand Wi-Fi coverage and achieve full gigabit coverage of home networks. In the optical fiber solution for the whole home, the network cable is replaced with optical fiber. The optical fiber networking is used between the gateway and the APs. It has solved the bottleneck of the home network speed increase by one step, and also enables the deployment to be completed within just one hour but with high-quality services for 20 years.

To date, ZTE’s 5G personal and household consumer terminals have been available in more than 30 countries and regions, with the cumulative shipments of household terminals exceeding 500 million. The company has newly released a series of new products for the optical fiber networking, covering the whole house. That fully assists the deployment of all optical household network.

ZTE’s industry-leading terminal devices have been also demonstrated at MWC 2021, including the latest flagship smartphone ZTE Axon 30 series, the fashionable ZTE S30 series, ZTE Watch GT, ZTE LiveBuds and other intelligent ecological products, as well as C-IoT personal and family data terminal products including personal ZTE 5G Portable CPE MU5001. All of these show a new blueprint for 5G smart life. Additionally, during the event, ZTE also has officially rolled out a new generation of 5G Indoor CPE MC8020, which can bring a new network experience to users.

ZTE is gradually integrating its capabilities and expertise across traditional handsets, mobile broadband, terminal chipset modules and ecological products to build a “big terminal”, creating a “1+2+N” full-scenario smart ecosystem. Furthermore, ZTE will also integrate smartphones and personal and family data terminal devices, and focus on four major application scenarios covering sports health, business travel, home education, and audio-visual entertainment, by virtue of various 5G smart ecological products, to make the full-scenario 5G smart lifestyle a reality.

Unmissable audio-visual experiences

For this exhibition, ZTE also brings various online and offline experiences.

Seven guests, led by Mr. Xu Ziyang, CEO of ZTE Corporation, bring nine keynote speeches and round-table discussions to share insights on current hot topics such as combination of digitization and intelligence, AI, XR, 6G, and fighting the epidemic with technologies. Also, ZTE hosts three major online theme forums: “Delivering Network Services During Covid-19”, “5G SA Prime”, and “Messaging in 5G Era”.

Amid the MWC 2021, ZTE, together with the Italian Red Cross, has rolled out the first 5G smart T-shirt in globe. The both sides, based on the revolutionary wearable technologies, create a new remote health monitoring T-shirt “5G Smart T-shirt”. The T-shirt can enable the detection of bio-vital parameters never before detected by textile sensors, such as a “real” electrocardiogram, the analysis of respiratory acts and sweat components, muscle effort, body temperature, and allows the transmission via ultra-fast 5G ZTE connection to health and control centers, as well as to individual users.

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