A Houthi drone attack thwarted on southern Saudi Arabia

Baghdad, The Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia announced today, Thursday, that its forces thwarted an attack that the Houthis attempted to carry out with a drone launched from Yemen towards southern Saudi Arabia.

The Coalition said, in a statement carried by the official Saudi “SPA” News Agency, that its air defenses had intercepted and destroyed “a booby-trapped drone launched by Houthi forces towards Khamis Mushait.

The Coalition stressed that it is taking “operational measures to protect civilians and civilian objects from these attacks.”

The Coalition also accused the Houthis of launching “attacks against innocent civilians in Marib,” noting that they “contradict human values and the principles of international humanitarian law.”

Houthi forces carry out repeated attacks with booby-trapped drones targeting military or oil sites in southern Saudi Arabia, while Riyadh says that these attacks endanger the lives of civilians.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency