Sunday, 25 Jul 2021

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‘Moment of Truth’ Approaching for Crisis-Wracked Lebanon

The little girl wearing a red Mickey and Minnie Mouse tee-shirt was firm. “The rulers of this country are all trash,” she pronounced with indignation, and “they should resign; it would be better if someone from any other country came to rule us,” she t…

Weather Forecast in Makkah and Holy Sites

Mina, The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) forecasted the weather today will be fair in Makkah, and partly cloudy in Holy Sites.NCM showed in its website that the temperature is 31 degrees in Makkah and the wind is southwesterly to westerly, shifti…

US Resets Ties with Key Arab Ally Jordan After Bumpy Ride

AMMAN – Jordan’s King Abdullah was the first Arab leader to visit the Biden White House and analysts say the visit helped in resetting relations with the kingdom – a key Middle East ally for Washington – shaken during former President Donald Trump’s te…


Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Defense reported an “accidental explosion” at an arms dump at a site outside the city of Al-Kharj on Wednesday morning. Ministry spokesman Brigadier General Turki Al-Malki said the site is used to destroy unusused and damaged munitions, adding that no injuries were reported. An investigation is underway.   Source: National News Agency