A ministerial team is discussing with a UN committee the establishment of a mechanism to prevent torture

A Palestinian ministerial team discussed, today, Monday, with the United Nations Subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture, the establishment of a national preventive mechanism to prevent torture in Palestine, and a study of the situation in detention facilities, and how the authorities implement their obligations to prevent torture and ill-treatment, and provide conditions for Suitable detention.

The Ministry of Interior, at its headquarters in the city of Ramallah, organized this ministerial meeting, which included the ministers of: Interior Major General Ziad Hab Al-Rih, Justice Muhammad Al-Shalaldah, Development Minister Ahmed Majdalani, Health Mai Al-Kaila, Women’s Affairs Amal Hamad, and a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the presence of the government team’s work coordinator. Haitham Arar of the Convention against Torture.

The visit of the UN Committee, which is currently visiting the State of Palestine, aims to evaluate the measures taken to protect persons deprived of liberty from torture and ill-treatment, and to provide advice to the authorities regarding the mechanism to be established.

The visit includes meeting with the authorities at the highest levels, and the judicial, administrative and security bodies, provided that the committee submits its confidential preliminary observations to the Government of Palestine.

The ICRC delegation consists of the head of the Swiss delegation, Daniel Fink, the Moroccan Abdallah Onir, the Spanish Mata Mira, and the Tunisian Hamida Dridi, in addition to accompanying two human rights officers in the secretariat of the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture

Source: Maan News Agency