Achillea: The Northern Borders’ Fragrant Gem

Arar, The Northern Borders Region holds a treasure trove of wild plants, amid which the achillea stands out as one of the most prominent aromatic varieties.

This dwarf shrub, reaching over 70 cm in height, is adorned with slender, white, woody stems and delicate leaves. Its defining feature lies in the clusters of vibrant yellow flowers that crown its branches.

More than just being beautiful, the achillea plays a vital role in the region’s ecosystem. It helps combat desertification by increasing the vegetation cover and stabilizing the soil. This, in turn, fosters biodiversity and contributes to a healthier environment.

The plant’s aromatic properties extend beyond aesthetics. Locals use its leaves to brew a fragrant tea, and achillea honey is prized as one of the most delicious natural types of honey in the region.

The plant’s pleasant aroma is also a welcome addition to homes, adding a touch of nature’s fragrance.

Source: Saudi Press Agency