Al-Hakim meets the people of the Turkmen component and stresses the importance of this component as the third national in Iraq

Head of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar Al-Hakim, met during his visit to Kirkuk Governorate a large gathering of the Turkmen component, in a program hosted by Hassan Turan, head of the Turkmen Front.

Al-Hakim stressed the importance of this component as the third national component in Iraq, and recalled his sacrifices in fighting dictatorship and confronting terrorism.

Al-Hakim expressed his agreement with the demands of the Turkmens to obtain their fair representation, and confirmed the continuation of the demand to obtain full rights in cooperation with the rest of the components.

Al-Hakim called on the Turkmen to unify ranks and coordinate positions to obtain representation commensurate with their status and roles, praising the component coexistence in Kirkuk and citing the presence of components in social, political and religious activities.

Al-Hakim reaffirmed that the success in Kirkuk is a success in all of Iraq, holding everyone responsible for maintaining the security stability achieved at all levels, explaining that the expected budget represents an important tributary to move the Iraqi economy because of its role in moving projects and the wheel of development in general.

He pointed out the importance of facing the economic challenge through clear visions, realistic projects, and an efficient administrative team. He also emphasized combating corruption, preparing for the upcoming elections, and competing on the basis of programs.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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