Al-Sudani: Baghdad deserves to be in its best light

Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani affirmed: ‘Baghdad deserves to be in its most beautiful image.’

Al-Sudani said in a speech at the inaguration ceremony of the Cordoba Bridge: ‘The Cordoba Bridge was completed in an urban manner implemented for the first time.’

He added: “The capital, Baghdad, needs these projects that facilitate movement,” noting that: “There cannot be development without a road network.”

The Prime Minister continued: ‘Service projects are a prelude to bringing about development in the country, and projects to relieve traffic congestion, according to the vision of the capital, Baghdad, and all the governorates, are characterized by their completion within a shorter period of time than agreed upon.’

Al-Sudani promised the Iraqi people to continue implementing thoughtful service projects.

Al-Sudani said: ‘The projects to remove bottlenecks are distinguished by their completion within a shorter period of time than agreed upon, and we will support companies that implement projects to
remove bottlenecks accurately, efficiently, and in record time.’

Regarding Haritha tragedy in Basra, Al-Sudani said: ‘The government issued a directive regarding the painful incident in Basra, and the Council of Ministers will issue a decision regarding the shortage of schools in Iraq.’

Source: National Iraqi News Agency