President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, saluted the souls of the four martyred judges who were killed in Sidon Court on 8/6/1999 by shooters who stormed the courtroom in an unprecedented crime.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of the four judges: Walid Harmoush, Hassan Othman, Assem Abu Daher, and Imad Shehab, the President said:

“On this day 22 years ago, four judges fell on the arc of justice in a heinous crime that sowed blood on the path of truth.

On this anniversary, I salute the souls of the martyrs of justice, and I call on the judges to uphold their true immunity, which is integrity, impartiality, non-dependency and integrity of practice, so accountability will be established in Lebanon, and progress will be achieved”.

The Follow-up Committee of Janna Dam:

President Aoun received a delegation from the Jannah Dam Follow-up Committee, which included the Chairman and Director General of the Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Establishment, engineer Jean Gibran, lawyer Antoine Kaday, engineers Ziad Zakhour, George Rizk, Ramzi Saliba and George Melki.

Energy Minister, Raymond Ghajar, also attended the meeting.

The delegation presented the stages of the dam’s construction process and the difficulties facing its completion in various respects. After its completion, this dam will secure 38 million cubic meters of water, 30 million of which are for Beirut, and 8 million for the Byblos region and its suburbs, in addition to its ability to produce around 100 megawatts of electrical energy.

The meeting also addressed the cost of completing the project, as it was decided to make the necessary communications to secure the necessary needs to ensure the continuation of work on the dam.

MP Boustany:

The President met the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy, Trade, Industry and Planning, MP Dr. Farid Boustany, who briefed him on the actions of the Parliamentary Committee in cooperation with the government to deal with the export file to Saudi Arabia, and to act firmly and wisely to address the repercussions of the Saudi decision on the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Boustany also explained that the meeting also dealt with the financing card and the project submitted by the “Strong Lebanon Bloc” to the parliament, in addition to a number of issues related to the development of the Chouf region.

In addition, MP Boustany said that President Aoun assured him of the importance of mountain security, and the need to maintain civil peace and coexistence among its sons.

Source: National News Agency