Friday, 5 Jun 2020

Legal action taken against female inmate; social media reports false

Manama, The Director-General of Reformation and Rehabilitation announced on Wednesday that the reports circulated on the social media about female inmate Hajer Mansoor Hassan, who has been sentenced to three years in jail in a terrorism case, claiming she had suffered bruises on her hand and was not being allowed to make calls to her family, were false.

He said the inmate had intended to get together with other inmates and tried to hurt herself by hitting her body and lying on the floor.

Since her actions were in violation of the Reformation and Rehabilitation Institutions law and its regulations, legal steps were taken against her under the rules applicable to all inmates without exception. Later, she was taken to the hospital to ensure her safety and turned out to be in good health.

The Director-General said Hajer Mansoor Hassan's medical records showed she had visited the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre clinic 77 times and was allowed all her rights relating to visits and making phone calls as per the Reformation and Rehabilitation Institutions law and its regulations. (MOI)

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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