BYE BYE WORLD Launches Crowdfunding Project for BIG CLAPPER, Clapping Robot That Effectively Attracts Customers with Charming, Realistic Applause

TOKYO, July 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — BYE BYE WORLD Inc., headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo, launched a crowdfunding project on July 6 for BIG CLAPPER, a clapping robot that generates excitement no matter when or where.


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BIG CLAPPER, designed specifically to enliven people, utilizes technology for creating a realistic clapping sound with soft hands. It draws people’s attention with its natural-sounding clapping and also calls out to them in a pleasant voice. So it can be expected to be effective in attracting customers, providing advertising and generating excitement.

Preordering in Japan began in August 2017 and was limited to 100 units, but the number of orders far exceeded expectations. BYE BYE WORLD exhibited BIG CLAPPER at CES 2018, the world’s largest electronics trade show, and the response was overwhelming. So the company has come to firmly believe in the universal appeal of BIG CLAPPER, which delights people with its clapping and speech. With a view to commercializing the product for the U.S. and EU countries, investors are solicited starting on July 6 through crowdfunding based on pre-sales, in which the finished product is given to contributors as an investment return. The project will end at 23:59 on September 5. The contribution unit has been set at 500,000 yen and 25 units are being solicited in total. If the funding goal is reached, shipment of the product in return is planned for March 2019. Crowdfunding is conducted through Kickstarter.

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Features of BIG CLAPPER:

Applause is a universal language. It has the power to attract people’s attention, cheer people on, enliven the atmosphere, and generate positive emotions. BIG CLAPPER has the ability to charm people around the world with soft hands that are perfect for clapping. Moreover, its highly likable appearance and cute voice, which is generated while its lips move, make people feel good and leave an unforgettable impact. BIG CLAPPER can potentially be used wherever people gather, and so it comes equipped with over 500 types of speech and over 30 types of performances. It can therefore be utilized in a wide range of situations. When BIG CLAPPER is connected to the dedicated app for iOS or Android, the fun never ends.


BYE BYE WORLD Inc., headed by Masato Takahashi, is a creative design and technology company that makes highly entertaining robots and toys.

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Overseas distributor: HIROMORI INC.


HIROMORI INC. is a production and merchandizing company with a 70-year track record in “Creation for Excitement.”

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