Wednesday, 26 Jan 2022

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Reporter Kidnapped, Beaten in Northeast Syria

WASHINGTON — Tuesday started like any other day for Jindar Barakat. The reporter, who works part time at a currency exchange, was opening up the store in the northeastern Syrian city of Al-Hasakah.But instead of customers, masked men in military unifor…

Saudi customs sieze 8.3 million Captagon pills

Published by Al-Araby Efforts to smuggle 8.3 million pills of infamous drug Captagon into Saudi Arabia were scuppered by customs in Jeddah. The pills were located in two separate cargo loads at the port, though it was not clear if these were on different ships. One set of over three million pills were discovered in […]

Sudanese forces arrest Alaraby TV journalists after protests

Published by Al-Araby Sudanese security forces stormed the office of Alaraby Television in Khartoum on Thursday and arrested several journalists, the New Arab’s sister channel Alaraby TV said today. Reporter Wael Mohammed Alhassan, office supervisor Islam Saleh, camera operator Mazen Oono and his assistant Abu Baker Ali were all arrested during the raid. They had […]

Experts Say Investing In Oil And Gas Helps The World Go Green. Here’s Why.

Published by Grit Daily Newswire The world wants to go Green. There’s no question that is the goal for the majority of society. But the pathway to getting greener is going to be very expensive. And the faster we move to go green, the more it will cost. That seems counterintuitive, right? But, experts are […]

Second Batch of Saudi Relief Land Bridge Arrives in Afghanistan

Kabul, A total of 19 trucks laden with 483 tons of food and shelter assistances Tuesday arrived in Afghanistan, representing the second batch of the Saudi relief land bridge that King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) had dispatched …