‘Common Ground’ Exhibition Witnesses Exceptional Turnout in Riyadh

The 'Common Ground', known as 'Between Two Cultures,' Exhibition, organized by the Ministry of Culture in Miadin Hall, Diriyah Governorate, witnessed a remarkable turnout of visitors interested in the cultural and artistic aspects of Saudi and Yemeni cultures. The exhibition provides a comprehensive cultural experience through its multiple sections, taking visitors on an exploration journey into the depths of these two cultures.

The exhibition continues for 13 days, highlighting various elements of both cultures in multiple areas, including language, literature, history, traditions, clothing, and food. It aims to integrate various aspects of culture, offering a unique opportunity for visitors to delve into the details of these two cultures, their common intersections, and their unique differences.

The exhibition includes artistic pieces of work by artists representing both countries, displayed side by side to showcase the hidden beauty within each culture and the different artistic directions influenced by their diverse cultural backgrounds.

Visitors to the exhibition start from the traditional reception area and move to the 'Between the Bridges of Art' section, which features artistic pieces of work that embody the most famous modern poems from both countries. The exhibition also presents the most prominent traditional musical instruments.

The 'Between Mud and Architecture' section explores the aesthetics of construction and architecture in both cultures. Meanwhile, the 'Between Heritage and Culture' area exhibits archaeological evidence of the successive civilizations that flourished in both countries throughout history. It also includes ancient artefacts and high-definition screens displaying Saudi Arabia and Yemen's natural heritage and traditional clothing and cuisine.

Through this exhibition, the Ministry of Culture aims to highlight the positive aspects of Saudi and Yemeni cultures, promoting cultural and artistic communication between them. The exhibition represents a unique opportunity for creative expression and introduces the culture and art of both countries.

Source: Saudi Press Agency