A delegation from the Lebanese Business and Investment Council in Saudi Arabia, headed by its Secretary General Fadi Kasouf, visited today Lebanese Army Chief, General Joseph Aoun, at the army headquarters in Yarze, in the presence of the head of the Lebanese-Gulf Economic Relations Development Authority, Elie Rizk.

In a statement by the Council following the meeting, it indicated that talks centered on the crisis of Saudi Arabia’s ban on importing Lebanese products after the discovery of the drug shipment and ways to solve it. The Council expressed absolute support and trust in the military institution and its commander, and the army’s role during this sensitive stage in preserving civil peace and protecting Lebanon and the Lebanese.

The delegation also hailed the efforts undertaken by the army to strike drug hotspots and prevent drug smuggling, hoping that the army would take control of the export crossings to Saudi Arabia to prohibit smuggling once and for all. The delegation quoted General Aoun’s affirmation of the army’s readiness to do what’s required to solve this crisis, while stressing the need to provide scanners as soon as possible. “The Army Commander confirmed the military institution’s constant readiness to make all sacrifices and exert all efforts for the sake of Lebanon,” the delegation asserted.

For his part, Kassouf said that their visit came to pay respect and loyalty to an institution that is “the backbone of a wounded and suffering nation,” and is “the hope for any future resurrection.”

He added they have resorted to the Army Chief and the security forces since they are the only ones capable of striking and eliminating drug smuggling and restoring the good reputation of the homeland and the citizen. “You are highly trusted by the Saudi authorities and your credibility with decision-makers abroad is highly significant and solid,” Kassouf told Aoun, highlighting the continuous communication between the Lebanese Army and the Saudi Kingdom, which has never been reluctant in supporting the military institution.

“We appeal to you for help, as the nation and its honorable sons call upon you, for Lebanon has been faithful to its friendships through the ages, and will remain faithful with your endeavor and care,” emphasized Kassouf, addressing the Army Chief.

Source: National News Agency